Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Why Outsource to India?

The answer is simple. Outosurcing to India cut costs by about 50% ;-) Outsource to India for technological agility, quality, flexibility, cost control, time-to-market and competitive advantage.

Here are some interesting facts I found on IndiaWebDevelopers relating to outsourcing:
  • India exports software to 95 countries around the world: outsource expertise in global methodologies
  • 82% of the US companies ranked India as their first choice for software outsourcing
  • Bill Clinton applauds India 's brainpower: says Indian-Americans run more than 750 companies in America 's Silicon Valley . "You liberated your markets and now you have one of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world," said President Clinton.
  • Bill Gates says India is an IT superpower: strikes strategic alliances with Wipro and Infosys to develop applications on the .Net platform
  • Outsource to a mature industry with world-class systems, systems and quality. Of the 23 software companies in the world that have achieved the prestigious SEI-CMM Level 5, 15 of them are Indian. India will soon have the highest number of ISO-9000 software companies in the world, according to Nasscom
  • IT is one of the Government of India's top five priorities.


fretplay said...

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Anonymous said...

Outsourcing software development is one aspect that has been instrumental in catapulting India to the position that it holds today in the field of IT.

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ags auxano said...

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