Thursday, March 8, 2007

openQRM Virtual Appliance: Manage your Linux, Unix, Windows Virtual & Physical DataCenter!

The Avastu Team with close cooperation with the openQRM Team, has released the Virtual Appliance.

Get it on the VMTN Appliance Market Place:

NOTE 1: To download the appliances please send an email to: info[at]

NOTE 2: For requesting downloads @Avastu please do NOT use free email addresses such as, etc.

This is a "Complete Datacenter Management & Provisioning software" with

  • File system images of Fedora Core 5 AND Centos 4

  • Two diskless nodes

We can customize the product and help you deploy it in your test, development labs and even production! (We are already assisting our current client with several openQRM installations in production).

Details for Testers/Developers/Administrators:

  • user = root

  • password = sysadmin

  • File System Images: Fedora Core 5, Centos 4

  • Nodes : 2 (two) diskless nodes

  • IP address for url:

  • WebAdmin username= qrm

  • WebAdmin password = qrm

What can openQRM do?

Data center needs and problems

Growing number of commodity servers leads to:

* Increasing number of failures – furthering downtime.

* Servers managed individually lead to:

  • greater opportunity for operator error

  • inconsistent imaging and policies applied across servers

  • over-provisioned or peak-provisioned systems

* Growing management costs – hardware and software are a small part of the price.

Bottom line: System administrators spend a significant amount of time either fighting fires or repeating multiple steps to manage a growing number of individual Linux boxes. Ultimately, the x86 data center is not always reliable, does not meet business needs, and creates inefficiencies in terms of administrative costs per server.

The Solution

Open Resource Manager addresses the needs of the modern data center by:

  • Improving reliability on the hardware and application level

  • Giving system administrators full control of the data-center

  • Provisioning servers within a few minutes

  • Consistently applying policies across servers

  • Adjusting resources based on business demands

  • Managing heterogeneous x86 hardware

Read More at openQRM site

Enjoy your virtual appliance!

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